Monday, 5 May 2014

Monday Writing Ritual

Well, it's been a very long while even by my standards. I won't go into lengthy excuses, I'll just say that life got in the way. But now I'm in a new routine. A Monday writing routine. I don't do any of my freelance commissions or any work for Retreat West on a Monday anymore. Instead I dedicate the weekend to mulling then Monday to getting on with my writing.

It's been going well. So well in fact that I have finally completed the edit of my novel and sent it off for a professional critique. I've also completed some short stories and sent them off for competitions, and I've made a plan for a whole short story collection.

So now that I'm back in my stride. I'm going to revive my blog too. I'm going to carry on where I left off with writing to prompts and seeing where they take me.

This prompt comes from Sarah Selecky - I get them emailed to me every day (although I can't claim to actually do them everyday!) - and it was to write a scene that starts with someone sitting cross-legged, and to write for 10 minutes...

The floor was definitely harder than the last time Tara had thought about it a minute ago. She wasn't really doing very well at emptying her mind. All she could think about was the pins and needles in her legs, the pains in her bum, and how ridiculous she felt. She'd never imagined she'd ever be cross-legged, chanting ohm in a room full of strangers on a Greek island.

It wasn't helping that the woman who'd been over-friendly at the welcome dinner last night had put her mat down just a little too close to Tara's and kept looking over with a leery smile. Perhaps she just meant to be encouraging but Tara was finding it creepy.

'Now as you breathe in from deep down in your abdomen, you can see a golden ball of light and you can feel its warmth washing over you.' The yoga teacher announced.

Tara couldn't see it. Every time she closed her eyes all she could see was the scene in the living room just before she'd closed the door for the last time. She didn't think she'd ever stop seeing it. But she tried to pull her mind back to the room. To allow herself to enjoy the fact that she was finally here on a Greek island. The one she'd been wanting to visit ever since she'd read Captain Corelli's Mandolin. But although her body was here her mind was stuck in the flat seeing Gareth's face again and again as the realisation dawned on him that she really wasn't going to put up with it anymore.

So here's today's effort. I hope you like it, and I'll see you next Monday!

But do let me know what you've all been up to in my lengthy absence.