Monday, 1 July 2013

The Ultimate Blog Challenge

Seeing as I didn't make it through to the end of the A-Z Challenge in April, I've decided to go for the Ultimate Blog Challenge this month. This means posting a blog every day. Rather than making a big plan and having a theme, which is out of the question anyway as I only signed up today, I'm just going to respond to writing prompts and exercises, or write about things that have caught my attention recently.

Not only is this an easy way to make sure I post every day, it's a great way of making sure I write something new everyday. And it would be great if some of you readers that are also writers posted some of your responses to the prompts too. No pressure though!

So today I'm starting off with a prompt based on 'Transferring the Ordinary' that came from Cathie Hartigan's Friday Writing Group, which I go to every fortnight. It was to take the view from my window and write about it in different ways.

Daylight - The sun chases its shadow across the field. The new leaves on the trees gleam brightly for a moment then its the river's turn to sparkle as the rays catch the water tumbling over the rocks on the way to the sea.

Dusk - The colours are fading now. The clumps of moor grass are turning into menacing little creatures. They're getting ready to pounce.

Night - Once you get a few feet from the fire the blackness is absolute. On the wall of the stone barn strange faces appear in the cracks and crevices as the flames flicker and the light seeks out new places to shine.

Snow - The blue tinge to the light tells me what I will see before I open the blind. When I do the world is white. The trees in the wood have been transformed into skeletons, the snow clinging to their branches turning them into fresh new bones.

Under water -  As the tears fill my eyes the woods on the other side of the river disappear in a shimmer, kind of like the heat waves we used to get back in the days when had hot summers.

Kaleidoscope - A square of tree-trunk-brown crashes against a shard of meadow-grass-green. Triangles of blue that have fallen from the sky scatter across it all.

What interested me about this is that although the view from my window is tranquil and beautiful, a couple of these responses have a slightly dark and sinister edge to them. Something I'm discovering quite often comes through in my writing.

Anyone else want to share the view from their window with us?


  1. I decided to do this too. Not sure if I am crossing into insanity, but I am willing to give it a try!!


    1. Good luck, Kathy! I will come and check out your posts throughout the month. What will you be writing about?

  2. Wow! That's a great idea to improve one's writing. I think I'm going to try it soon. Looking forward to reading your posts through the month, Amanda.

    1. Thanks, Corrine. I'll keep you posted as to how easy (or not) it is to keep it up, before you dive in to do it too!