Saturday, 13 April 2013

L is for Lizzie

Writing all of these character blogs for this year's A-Z challenge I've realised how many of the novels I've included are debuts. And today's is no exception. Sworn Secret is the first novel from Amanda Jennings and it's very powerful indeed. With three narrators, John, Kate and Lizzie, the story tells of a family's grief, anger and confusion after the sudden death of a beloved daughter and sister. 

Lizzie is the teenage narrator who has lost her elder sister, Anna. The sister she always looked up to, the sister she is devastated to have lost, but also the sister she wants to leave behind in the past while she gets on with growing up. Lizzie has also lost her mother as she has been so caught up in her grief over Anna's death she has shown no interest in the daughter that she still has. Until secrets from Anna's life are revealed that tarnish the memories everyone has of her, and prompt Lizzie's parents into becoming smothering and over protective of her.

To escape from the misery of her home life Lizzie focuses all of her energies on the fact that she is falling in love for the first time. But she's falling in love with the wrong person and when her secret love affair is revealed it threatens to send the family even further off track. Despite everything that life throws at her, Lizzie blossoms into a confident and smart young woman who finally steps out from Anna's shadow without ever letting go of her love for her. Lizzie made me laugh, she made me cry, and I got angry on her behalf but she also made me wish I could have dealt with life so well at that age.


  1. Sounds like she certainly has enough problems to deal with. Thanks for the review.

    Moody Writing

  2. I hope one day you are writing about my debut novel:))

  3. Multiple narrators is a hard trick to pull off, but good for her if she did it. The Help was the best multi-narrator book I've read. Sounds like a good read.

  4. Hi Amanda
    Love this!! So wonderful to read about Lizzie in this way. I was very excited you chose her for your A to Z Challenge. It's a great idea for a series of posts and I'm enjoying them all! Lizzie, if she read this piece, would be very chuffed but in her usual style aldo far more measured and less excitable in her response than I could ever be! I really enjoyed writing her. In fact, I miss her!
    Many thanks

    1. Thanks for stopping by to comment, Amanda! So glad you liked the review and I think even Lizzie would get excited!

  5. Hmmm, sounds like an emotionally rough but interesting read (with a good character to cheer for)

  6. Another book that looks intriguing! Exceptional job on the review.


  7. This sounds like a great read. My TBR pile grows and grows.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog.