Wednesday, 26 September 2012

Writing retreats, social ventures and Exmoor Ponies

In my 3rd guest blog for Exmoor Magazine I've been busy - there's writing retreats, mentoring and volunteering on the cards. Read the blog to find out more and expect to hear a lot more about them all in the coming months. I bet you can't wait! 

My latest OU module has just started as well and over the next 9 months I will be writing fiction (no change there then), poetry (feeling daunted) and memoir (watch out relatives!) and I'm really looking forward to getting stuck in.

I started a short story course as well earlier this month and the first story that I sent in came back with the feedback that it's not a short story but an extract from a longer piece. This is the reason I signed up for this class as I know that I turn everything I write into a novel - I just cannot seem to contain myself!

So, before I really get going today I'm off. Just one more thing - my new retreat website will be live later this week but if you are in the West Country and want some info now then email me at and I'll send it over.


  1. Amanda, did you see my new FB writing workshop group? I'm opening it up to anyone interested in writing fiction as a support place and also to offer small workshops..would love to have you.

  2. Hi Sandra, I have just been into it and requested to join. Sounds great - I really need help with revisions!