Friday, 20 April 2012

Retreat - the best command ever

Today's R post is dedicated to retreats, of which there are many types, but the ones I refer to are writing retreats. I go to the Urban Writer's Retreat regularly, one Sunday a month a short tube ride away but takes me to a different place completely. One where I don't sit and write for customers all week and the cat doesn't come and sit on the keyboard and meow in my face, repeatedly.

For the first time ever, I have just been to a longer retreat. I have had the absolute pleasure of spending the past four nights at Retreats for You in lovely North Devon, where the even lovelier Deborah and Bob welcomed me into their home and spoilt me rotten. Their rambling thatched cottage in a sleepy little village is the perfect place to get away from real life and immerse yourself in the one you are creating. As has been proved by my writing almost 22,000 words in my short stay there. It was like staying with friends, the best type that leave to your own devices but provide you with lovely home-cooked meals and good conversation whenever you venture out of your cosy room.

But the best thing about retreats is that I have learnt they work for me and my writing. I don't write that much inbetween them but I mull the story over a lot. So by the time I get to the retreat and have been removed from all distractions and every day life, the story comes out of me really fast. So it seems the best thing would be for someone to give me loads of money so I can just go to retreats all the time and write loads of books. Loads.

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  1. I've never been on one, but do wish I could. I know I'd get a lot done.