Thursday, 12 April 2012

K is for Kate

Today's K post is an extract from the novel I am currently working on, which tell Kate's story and how her life changes beyond all recognition when her husband goes missing. This is from the chapter where she goes to visit a medium in her search for answers when he isn't found...

I’d never done anything like it before and I felt scared despite the nips I'd had for dutch courage. Had no idea what to expect really but was strangely convinced that I would definitely find out what had happened to Jimmy. After I was buzzed in and told to come to the top floor I closed the door behind me and leant against it for a moment. Was I doing the right thing? The entrance hall smelt of chemical air fresheners and there was a row of letter boxes along one wall, I wondered how the post man got in to put the letters in the boxes. Did he have a key or did he have to buzz to get in? What if there was no-one in any of the flats when he arrived? I shook my head – what did it matter – and pushed myself forward towards the stairs. They were deeply carpeted in dusky pink and there were flower arrangements on every window sill on every level as I climbed upwards. Carole the Psychic lived on the third floor and I heard her door open above me as I made my way up.
'Hello dear,' she called, 'Sorry about the climb, no lifts here, but it keeps me fit.'
Her voice was friendly and warm, and very normal sounding. Not what I had been expecting. I realised then that my mind had been filled with clich├ęs when I’d thought about what she’d be like. I’d imagined her voice would be deep, smoky and she would talk in mystical rhythms. Instead it was chirrupy and she spoke of everyday items like lifts. Even before I saw her I knew that my vision of how she would look would be wrong too – there would be no long flowing hair and robes, smouldering eyes or gold hoop earrings. As I rounded the last corner of the staircase I could see her feet – swollen, fat ankles hanging above slippers shaped like sheep. Then the rest of her appeared. A long, shapeless blue dress with a zip up the front and an embroidered flower on the left breast covered a gargantuan body. She didn’t look very fit to me. She was older than I’d expected too – her white thinning hair sprouting out in all directions around her heavily lined face. She looked like the kind of granny you saw every day buying bread and humbugs in Marks and Spencer’s. Was she a fake?


  1. Great teaser for your story!
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  2. You have great descriptions here.

    Now following! Looking forward to more.

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  3. Linda - wow you are busy keeping up with daily post on all those blogs! I will check them out.

    Shelly - thanks very much I'm really pleased you like and and great to have you following. I will try to keep it interesting!

  4. Interesting snippet of your story! Saying hello from the A-Z Challenge.

  5. Oh no! It ended too soon!! Nice excerpt.

    I'm a new follower via the A to Z Challenge. Nice to meet you, Amanda!

  6. Hi Sarah and Nancy - thanks for reading and your lovely comments :)