Tuesday, 10 April 2012

I have an idea...

Today's post was going to be a double whammy 'I' with a look at ideas and inspiration. However, I have got a cold (again!) and am not feeling too inspired. So, today will be brief. Where do I get my ideas from? On the whole, I don't really know when it comes to novel ideas. Something just starts ticking over in my mind, most of the time I'm not really aware that it's there, then I start thinking about whatever it is more and more often until it starts to become a little idea.

For the novel I am currently writing, I kept seeing stories in the news about people going missing and then I saw a documentary programme all about missing persons and before I knew it, that's what I was writing a novel about. The writing class I currently go to has been great for generating new ideas but one of the best sources of inspiration for me is other people. Be warned, in case you see me anywhere - I am a terrible eavesdropper!


  1. Ah a kindred spirit, that's how I get my ideas! I am here from A-Z finally got the list today as I've had download issues.
    Hope you're well soon.
    And oh alone in my car, great ideas.

  2. My ideas are usually a strange combination of something I read about, something that actually happened in my life, and something I imagined.

  3. Enjoyed my first visit.Hopped on from A-Z challenge.


  4. Thanks for all your comments. Glad you are enjoying the blog - I am slowly making my way around everyone else's.