Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Feeding Need

Today's P post is dedicated to the art of poetry with this poem from my second guest of the challenge, Jen Squire.

Feeding Need

Like a new waiter offering a heavy bill

I stand before him

almost sorry

He reaches for objects

Ripping skin – the tiers of my body

violent need

But love cannot be bottled

My heart does not sit chilling in clear glass

Hands spooning preparations -

scraping the black bead seeds of paw paw

leaving barren pulp

I am putty for the expert

the addict

He watches me rising, rounding,

sweet juices dripping from his greedy thieving mouth

he stuffs me with his words

I want

Darling he moans with apology

a fat person caught ravishing a fridge in the dark


I am his sponge

too much to eat at once

too pretty to throw out

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