Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Destination Unknown

Another flash fiction for today's U post and quite a tenuous link...chosen because one of the words in the title starts with a U!

Destination Unknown

As the woman plonked herself down on the seat next to him Jacob looked up and smiled. Surprisingly she grinned back  at him before rummaging through the bag on her lap and pulling out a pre-packed sandwich.

‘Good idea to eat before you get on the plane,’ Jacob said as she bit into her BLT, ‘the food is always awful isn’t it?’

The woman nodded as she chewed then swallowed the mouthful she had.

‘God yes. I spend loads of time on planes as well so have really had enough of it.’

‘Oh, bit of a jetsetter are you?’ Jacob joked.

‘Hardly. It’s for my job, which is not very glamorous I’m afraid. I’m going to a factory in Poland today.’

She wrinkled her nose at that.

‘That’s not so bad really is it? At least you get to see different places and meet new people.’ Jacob said.

‘I suppose so. No, you’re right. I have seen some beautiful places actually and met lots of really nice people.’ She looked pleased with this realisation and Jacob was glad he’d made her feel better about her job.

‘What about you, where are you off to?' She asked.

Jacob gazed off into the distance with a dreamy smile.

‘I’m going to a beautiful tropical island called Aitutaki, my sister lives there.’

'Oh how lovely.’

The woman glanced up at the departure board then gathered her bags together and stood up.

‘Well have a great time. I’ve got to board now so, bye.’ She gave a little wave then walked away.

Jacob sat there for a moment longer before standing up too. Then he walked into the supermarket opposite and went through the staff door, where he hung his jacket up and grabbed the trolley of food he needed to stack onto the shelves. He’d put this lot out then have a look and see which ready meal he’d take home to have for his tea later.

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