Sunday, 4 March 2012

Six Sentence Sunday

I've just discovered this website: Six Sentence Sunday - and if the name hasn't already given it away, its about posting up six sentences from a work in progress on a Sunday. So, here's six sentences from the novel I'm working on. You know, the one that the publisher liked and the agent wants to read...

Another ten minutes passed, I started to feel really panicky and that’s when I knew that I’d have to go and look for him, so I grabbed my coat from the hook in the hallway and stuffed my keys and phone in the pocket. The wind blew the front door out of my hand as I opened it and flung stinging needles of rain in my face. Apart from a lone fox walking away from me in the middle of the road, his fur glowing orange in the streetlights, the street was deserted. Have you seen him, I wanted to ask it. I liked the foxes, always felt a sense of wonder when I came across one. Jimmy said that was one of the things he loved about me – my love of the animal world, which saw me rescuing baby birds that had fallen out of their nests and even a duck once when we were walking by the river.

So, that's from the night that Jimmy goes missing. Where has he gone? All will be revealed...

1 comment:

  1. You packed a good deal of information in your six. The use of "panicky" and the "stinging needles of rain" help to set the mood. Nicely done!