Thursday, 8 March 2012

More guests, less optimism

I'm still busy recruiting guest bloggers for the A-Z Challenge and am very excited to have Shaun Levin - author and creative writing teacher extraordinaire - signed up for the letter S, which will be appearing on Saturday 21st April. I have no idea what he will be writing so we will all just have to wait and see.

Shaun's work (all of which you can buy here on Amazon) includes novels, short story collections and his latest book, Trees at a Sanatorium, is a look at the life of the artist Mark Gertler, particularly his relationship with Dora Carrington and his struggle to create and survive as a painter. He also founded an indie publishing company last year, Treehouse Press, which has published three collections of short stories so far from its 2011 competition winners.

So my thanks go to Shaun, both for his inspirational writing classes and for his impending visit to my blog in April.

After last night's class with Shaun the piece that I will be posting for A is no longer going to have quite such an optimistic slant as I first thought - less dreams come true, more dreams end badly. I'm not sure if its me, or if its something about Shaun, but since going to his class quite a few dead people are turning up in my writing...


  1. I won't be participating in the A-Z (I have several writing deadlines converging), but I'll be following everyone's progress!

  2. Hi Amanda, this is my first year participating in the A to Z. I am not sure what you will write about for "A", but it sounds like you could write it for "R". as well. Reality. I guess the important thing is to enjoy the writing process... It looks like you won't have a problem with that, though--because you love to write. Nice to "meet" you. Good luck in the A to Z.

  3. Stopped by early for the A to Z challenge. Did it last year. Couldn't resist this year!
    Giggle, Laugh, Cry

  4. Thanks for stopping by Kelly, Teresa & Kerrie. I'll look out for your blogs too in the A-Z challenge.