Friday, 30 March 2012

It's about cake and book barns in the end

It seemed like I had ages to start thinking about the blogs for the April Challenge, to make a head start and get plenty written in advance. Yet here we are with just one day left in March and I haven't done anything.

Well, I say that but I have got a plan.

From Sunday 1st April, for 6 days in a row, the blogs posts will be:

  • A - An extract from a piece I'm working on based on the experiences of Alexandrine Tinne, the first European woman to cross the Sahara in 1869
  • B - A flash fiction from my guest, Michelle Scorziello, entitled: Beatrice is introduced to Becky Sharp at Berkelouw Berrima Book Barn (she got very excited about the B theme)
  • C - A look at the lovely world of cake and baking it in books, and occasionally in my kitchen
  • D - Dreams
  • E - Endings
  • F - Flash Fictions
So, as you can see by the tapering off into just one word titles there, I have only really thought about A and C. So I better get on with some serious thinking. Oh, and I will try to keep them short and sweet as I know that 26 blogs in 30 days is a lot of me to put up with! I promise I will revert back to one every week or so after that and give us all a well deserved break.


  1. Greetings - just checking out A to Z blogs ahead of time :-) I think we'll all be taking a break after April! Looks like you at least have a pretty good start with posts - good luck!

  2. Hello Li, thanks for stopping by. I only have a good start in my head - nothing on paper yet! Good luck to you too - I will check out your blog once it's all underway.