Monday, 5 March 2012

Guests, dreams and adventures

In an effort not to bore you all with too many blogs from me as part of the A-Z Challenge in April, I have signed up two guest bloggers. First up is Michelle Scorziello, whose memoir recently made the long-list in the 2012 Fish Publishing competition, and she will be writing a flash fiction for the letter B. This will be posted on April 2nd hot on the heels of my first post, which in a burst of super efficiency I have written already. Well, I’ve written it as my homework for Shaun Levin’s ‘Reading to Write’ class but as my character’s name starts with an A and she is going on an adventure, I decided I couldn’t really have anything else for the opening blog.

My second guest is Jen Squire, a poet who has recently turned her hand to short story writing and has even made mention of the ‘novel’ word once or twice in my hearing. She has kindly agreed to fill in for me on April 18th – P is for Poetry day – with her poem entitled, Feeding Need. I shall be ensconced in Deborah Dooley’s writing retreat in the wilds of North Devon that week so I look forward to reading Jen’s poem to distract me from my own novel writing, which should be at the completion stage by then.

The rest of the letters are not completely decided upon yet, although I have made a plan. See, I’m not completely unorganised. The only one I think is definite at this stage is 'D is for Dreams', as I recently read Isobel Ashdown’s Hurry Up and Wait (which is a must read for everyone that went to secondary school in the UK in the 1980s) and was struck by her use of dreams in that. That’s all I’ll say on that now though, as I will save it for the D blog.

So, thanks to Michelle and Jen for agreeing to take part, and to Isobel for inspiring me with her use of dreams.

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