Friday, 2 March 2012

Do dreams come true?

Well, its been a while since my poor little blog got any attention but in my defence I have been very busy writing articles and the such like for paying customers, as well as recovering from the flu bug from hell that has lingered around for weeks. But enough of the health talk.

So, where was I? Preparation for Get Writing 2012 was going full steam ahead last time I was here, and now it is weeks in the past. It was the first time I had been to this event, and it won't be the last. The workshops and presentations were all very helpful and informative, and the presence of agents and publishers for authors such as Stephen King and JK Rowling had me suitably star struck. But the best bit of it all was the feedback I got from Simon Taylor, Editorial Director at Transworld, who said he really liked my writing and thought my character's voice had a simplicity and elegance. Followed by the fact that a literary agent, Kate Nash, who I did my 3 minute pitch to, wants me to send her 3 chapters - do stop me if you've heard all this already!

So I came home over excited and wondering if dreams do come true, and if mine of being a published author really is within my reach. This theme has followed through in the class I have been doing with Shaun Levin, which has really inspired me and generated many new ideas. This week's homework is to write a piece about an explorer or adventurer that is a fictionalised account of a real life story. In my research for this I have come across the tale of Alexandrine Tinne, a Dutch woman who travelled across Africa in the 1860s and was the first European woman to try and cross the Sahara. Despite the fact that she met a bit of a grisly end, my piece for Shaun is going to take the optimistic 'dream come true' slant at the beginning of her adventure.

In a very small way, in more ways than one, my dream of getting some fiction published will be coming true next month anyway. As part of his MA, John's working with a team to create a magazine and have it printed and they have very kindly asked me to write a flash fiction for it. So, a small story in a small magazine - but it's definitely a start.

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  1. Exciting stuff! I hope that this dream continues to come true...