Sunday, 18 March 2012

Could you write a novel in 10 minutes flat?

Of course you couldn't - nobody could. But just like quick fix diets there are a plethora of quick fix novel guides designed to make would be writers believe they can bash out a novel in no time and achieve JK Rowling levels of success with them. As the latest sign-up to be one of my A-Z blog guests, the lovely Cathy Dreyer, knows - it takes a lot more hard work than that; and fame and fortune do not neccesarily go hand-in-hand with publication. But who wants that anyway? I'd hate to be famous, I just want people to read the stories I write and to like them, a lot. But I will be honest, I wouldn't mind the fortune.

Cathy's funny and inspiring blog, which funnily enough is called 'writeanovelintenminutesflat', always brings a smile to my day and I'm really chuffed that I have managed to tempt her into guesting on here as part of the A-Z challenge. She has bagged the letter W so quite a long while to wait for her words of wisdom. Did you see what I did there? Loads of words starting with W! But be here she will on April 26th and just like Shaun Levin's blog, I have no idea what Cathy's will be about yet.

Oh, and did I mention that she is also an award-winning story writer? No? Well, find out more about that here. So it's a good job I've got her to agree to this now, before she starts jetting off around the world to launch her latest best-selling novel and attend the star-studded premieres of the films based on them. Because that's what happens to everyone who writes books, honest.


  1. So ... no pressure. What a lovely, lovely intro. I am way beyond flattered and up into sappy grin. I hope that doesn't undermine everything you've said, or anything! Cathy x

  2. No pressure at all Cathy! And sappy grins definitely allowed - in fact, they are called for. Amanda x