Wednesday, 11 January 2012

It's the writing that matters

When I haven't been panicking about what I've done, I've spent the past week or so churning my plot-line over and over in my head to try and get the synopsis written for this event I have foolishly signed up for. To start with I thought I wouldn't be able to do it, as all the tips that Google brought back for writing one said I needed to know where the story was going and how it was going to get there, which I didn't think I knew yet. But I've gone and surprised myself and managed to write a fairly succinct (less than 600 words) summary that details all the main points right through to the end and also introduces all the main characters.

My very kind writing teacher, the lovely Shaun Levin, has kindly agreed to help me out with this so I have sent it off for his feedback. Now to start on writing the 3-minute pitch. Once I have written it my friend, the great actress Holly Clark, is going to help me learn how to deliver it without mumbling, fainting or talking so fast that no-one has a clue what I'm saying. Surely with all this help from such talented people I can't fail. What's that I hear you say? It all depends on my writing. Oh yes, well fingers crossed I'm not completely deluded in thinking I can do it then!

Then, one final hurdle is to come up with a compelling title as my working title, which only exists in my head anyway, is Gone. And that will never do. So any suggestions, both serious and funny, welcome. Funny would be good actually, I am in need of some light relief.


  1. Hi Amanda
    That sounds amazing, the conference and the feedback thingy. Good luck. Quite hard to come up with a title for a book about which I know nothing but if not Gone then what about Vanished? Or Vanishing Point? Or Lost and Gone? Or Clementine? Or a quote from that song Clementine 'thou art lost and gone for ever' or maybe Oh My Darling ... Sorry I'm sure none of those are any help at all ... Cathy x

  2. maybe............A hidden tomorrow? or Without understanding?

    I am not very good at this lol, but the best of luck and cant wait to read it!!! Lex xxx

  3. Thanks for your suggestions Cathy and Lex. And Pip via Twitter. None of them seem quite right but they have inspired me to think in a different way about it. I'll let you know when I have made a decison. Amanda x

  4. Ok, here's my offerings ;

    1. And I remain.....

    2. Anticipating you...

    3. Elsewhere

    4. where the f*ck have you been ..?

    4. And my favourite .....What time do you call this ? (assuming he returns)

    Xxx M xxX

  5. M, I have no idea who you are but you have really made me chuckle with your suggestions. I especially like 'where the f*ck have you been' but not sure it would go down too well with the people I'm trying to sell it to. But it will forever be that in my head now !

    A x