Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Get Writing 2012

Is the resolution that I made for the new year. So I've only gone and signed up for a literary festival of the same name where I have a 3-minute pitch to an agent and editor booked in, as well as a 10-minute review of my first chapter with Simon Taylor, Editorial Director of Transworld publishers. I am officially pooing my pants now!

I've got 2 weeks to polish up my first chapter, write an intriguing synopsis and get them both submitted for Simon to review in advance of our meeting. I can only hope that he is gentle with me.

As part of the same resolution I am going to spend some time writing short stories and submitting them for competitions so that I can get some feedback, and get my writing out there. After all, if I want people to read it I have to let them see it!

Wish me luck everyone.


  1. That's great news give em the old saintly flannel youll be fine! Elsa

  2. go for it!!!! Lex xxx